Wrongful death case stirs up news headlines in California

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Most of our San Jose readers would probably expect to see a wrongful death lawsuit when car accidents and motorcycle accidents are alleged to have occurred due to someone's negligence. In fact, these types of lawsuits are, unfortunately, all too common in a society where driving cars and riding motorcycles is just part of daily life - and so are fatal accidents. However, many California residents have probably been caught off guard by another type of wrongful death lawsuit making headlines throughout the state.

According to reports, the grandparents of an 8-year-old boy have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a number of Los Angeles County government entities. The case is heartbreaking, as the main act at the center of the situation is the abuse of the young boy, allegedly by his mother and her boyfriend, which led to his death. The lawsuit has targeted the county agencies because there were reportedly over 60 reports of abuse at the household - reports that the boy's grandparent's claim were not fully investigated by the appropriate government agencies.

Both the boy's mother and her boyfriend have been arrested for the abuse and death of the young boy. The reports indicate that several different people, including family members and neighbors, had made reports about suspected abuse in the household prior to the unfortunate and gruesome end to the situation.

Wrongful death lawsuits are meant to help family members heal and move one, as well as helping to replace income that the deceased family member would have contributed. This wrongful death case is just beginning, but if there was negligence at county-level agencies the implications for many Southern California residents could be far-reaching indeed.

Source: NBC Southern California, "Wrongful Death Lawsuit in 8-Year-Old Boy's Slaying Moves Forward," Samantha Tata and Lolita Lopez, Aug. 27, 2013

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