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Where Are Slip and Fall Accidents Most Likely to Take Place?

 Posted on July 15,2024 in Personal Injury

South Bay Area Personal Injury LawyerSlip and fall accidents can happen almost anywhere, and they may lead to serious injuries. In many cases, these accidents occur because of the negligence of a property owner who failed to take the proper steps to protect the safety of visitors. Following an injury in a slip and fall accident, an experienced attorney can provide guidance on the legal options available to an injury victim, ensuring that a person will be properly compensated for the injuries they have suffered and any other damages they have experienced.

Common Locations for Slip and Fall Accidents

People may slip on wet floors or trip over hazards and suffer serious fall injuries in a variety of different settings, including:

  • Retail stores and supermarkets: Slip and fall accidents may occur in these stores due to spilled liquids or food items, recently mopped or waxed floors without proper warning signs, or cluttered aisles or merchandise on the floor that present tripping hazards.

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Alcohol and Drug Use by Truck Drivers Can Lead to Truck Accidents

 Posted on June 25,2024 in Truck Accidents

South Bay Area Drunk Driving Accident LawyerIntoxicated driving is a serious issue that can put many people at risk of being injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents. The use of alcohol and drugs by truck drivers is an especially serious concern, since it can lead to dangerous truck accidents. Given the size and weight of commercial trucks, impaired driving can have devastating consequences. An experienced attorney can provide legal help and representation for people who have been injured in truck accidents involving intoxicated driving. At Law Office of John J. Garvey, III, we can help injury victims recover compensation for the injuries and damages suffered in these situations.

Why Truck Drivers May Be Intoxicated

There are numerous reasons why truck drivers may use alcohol or drugs while on the job, including:

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Why Drowsy Driving Can Increase the Risk of Car Accidents

 Posted on June 11,2024 in Car Accidents

San Jose Personal Injury LawyerMany people have experienced situations where they have become tired while behind the wheel. Whether fatigue has set in after a long day of work, a person has stayed awake during a lengthy road trip, or drowsiness has been caused by other factors, these issues can significantly affect a person’s ability to drive safely. Understanding the dangers of driving while fatigued can be crucial for ensuring road safety. Drivers who cause car accidents because of fatigue or drowsiness may be held liable for their negligence. An experienced attorney can provide guidance on the best ways to address issues related to driver fatigue and ensure that an accident victim will be fully compensated.

Common Causes of Drowsy Driving

Several factors can contribute to a driver becoming drowsy or tired while behind the wheel, including:

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5 Common Reasons for Motorcycle Accidents in the Summer

 Posted on May 28,2024 in Motorcycle Accidents

San Jose Motorcycle Wreck LawyerSummer is a popular season for motorcyclists, with warm weather and clear skies providing ideal conditions for riding. However, the increased number of motorcyclists on the road during the summer months also leads to more accidents. There are multiple reasons why motorcycle accidents can occur in the summer, and even if motorcyclists take precautions and do their best to stay safe, they can be injured in collisions. If you are a motorcyclist who has been injured in an accident, an experienced attorney can help you take steps to recover financial compensation.

Increased Traffic

During the summer, the roads are often busier due to vacation travel, road trips, and an overall increase in leisure activities. This heightened traffic can lead to more accidents, especially when drivers may become impatient or distracted. Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable in heavy traffic, where their smaller size makes them less visible to other drivers. When people in vehicles fail to notice motorcycles or refuse to share the road safely, motorcyclists can suffer serious harm.

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When Can Spinal Cord Injuries Lead to Paralysis?

 Posted on May 14,2024 in Personal Injury

San Jose Personal Injury AttorneyInjuries that affect the back and spine can be very serious, and in some cases, they can lead to life-altering conditions, including paralysis. A spinal cord injury can disrupt the central nervous system's ability to communicate effectively with the body, potentially resulting in partial or complete loss of muscle function and sensation below the injury site. In cases involving spinal cord injuries, an experienced attorney can address legal concerns and ensure that a victim takes the proper steps to secure the necessary support and compensation.

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries and Their Effects

Spinal cord injuries are classified into two main types: complete and incomplete. A complete spinal cord injury means there is no sensory or motor function below the level of the injury. These injuries may occur if the spinal cord is cut or severely damaged.

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How Unsecured or Falling Cargo Can Lead to Truck Accidents

 Posted on April 29,2024 in Truck Accidents

San Jose Semi Wreck AttorneyLarge commercial trucks present a serious risk to others on the road. Truck accidents can be catastrophic, and there are a number of reasons that they may take place, ranging from driver error to mechanical failure. However, one often-overlooked cause is the role of unsecured cargo. Items that are not loaded and secured correctly on a truck may shift while the truck is in motion, or they could even fall from the truck. For those who have been injured in truck accidents involving falling or shifting cargo, an experienced attorney can provide effective legal representation to ensure that they will be fully compensated for their injuries and damages.

Understanding the Risks of Unsecured Cargo

Unsecured or improperly secured cargo on trucks can pose significant risks to everyone who uses the roads. When items shift within a truck’s cargo area, this can lead to issues such as:

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Do Dog Bite Incidents Increase in the Spring and Summer?

 Posted on April 09,2024 in Dog Bites

San Jose Personal Injury LawyerAs the weather warms up, and more people engage in outdoor activities in San Jose and the surrounding areas, there is likely to be a notable rise in dog bite incidents. This is a common trend that occurs year after year, and children are especially likely to be affected. Dog bite injuries can be severe, and victims will need to understand their options. For victims of dog bites, a seasoned attorney can provide guidance on the legal avenues that may be used to recover financial compensation from a dog’s owner or other liable parties.

Why Dog Bites Increase in Warmer Months

Each year, around 4.5 million people in the United States are bitten by dogs, and the majority of these incidents occur during the spring and summer. California has the highest number of dog bite claims, accounting for 11 percent of all insurance claims related to dog attacks. 

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Why Are Car Accidents Becoming More Common in the United States?

 Posted on March 25,2024 in Car Accidents

San Jose Car Accident Injury LawyerFor most of the past several decades, roadway safety was a positive trend, and the number of people killed in car accidents steadily decreased from year to year. However, this trend has reversed over the past few years, and car accidents resulting in injuries and deaths have begun to increase. Between 2020 and 2021, the total number of accidents increased 16 percent, and in 2021, nearly 43,000 people died in car crashes. The number of accidents has continued to increase, to the point that government officials are calling it a public health crisis.

There are a number of possible reasons for the frightening trend of more car accidents, more serious injuries, and more deaths. While city and state governments throughout the country, as well as federal auto industry regulators, are looking to take action to address this issue, people who have been affected will need to determine their options. Fortunately, car accident victims can work with an attorney to recover compensation that will address the financial losses they have suffered, as well as the ways they have been personally affected by injuries or the wrongful death of a family member.

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Why Is Driver Fatigue so Dangerous for Truck Drivers?

 Posted on March 13,2024 in Truck Accidents

San Jose Semi Wreck LawyerDriver fatigue is a critical safety concern that affects everyone who uses the road. However, it poses a particularly severe risk in the world of truck driving. In busy regions like Santa Clara County, truck driver fatigue can be very dangerous. Drivers who are drowsy or tired will be much more likely to become involved in truck accidents that could result in serious injuries to others. An experienced attorney can provide legal representation for drivers, passengers, pedestrians, or others who have been injured in a collision or another incident involving driver fatigue.

Understanding Driver Fatigue

Driver fatigue refers to the state of exhaustion that truck drivers may experience. Fatigue can impair a driver's ability to operate a large commercial vehicle safely. It can result from inadequate rest, long hours behind the wheel, or disrupted sleep patterns, leading to physical impairments and other issues that will significantly increase the risks of truck accidents.

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How Long Can the Effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury Last?

 Posted on February 29,2024 in Catastrophic Injuries

San Jose Personal Injury AttorneyPeople who are involved in accidents may experience multiple types of injuries, but many of the most serious cases will involve injuries to the brain and nervous system. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can be a serious health concern that can have profound and lasting effects on a person’s life. In San Jose and the wider Santa Clara County area, activities ranging from high-impact sports to bustling urban commutes can pose risks, and people may experience brain injuries in car accidents, workplace accidents, or other situations. Understanding the long-term impact of TBIs is crucial for those who have been injured, and with the help of an experienced attorney, they can determine their options for recovering financial compensation.

Understanding Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries involve external force that causes harm to the brain. These injuries will typically result from a blow to the head or a strong jolt that affects the head, neck, or body. In a car accident, a person may strike their head on objects inside the vehicle, or the jolting motion of a collision can cause damage to brain tissue. In a slip and fall accident, a person may strike their head on the ground or other objects. If an object penetrates a person’s skull, such as from debris in an accident, this is highly likely to lead to serious brain injuries.

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