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Rotator Cuff Tears, Broken and Dislocated Shoulder Injury Attorney in Santa Clara County

Shoulder injuries usually require intensive physical therapy and surgery to treat. The recovery process is difficult, because even simple, day-to-day activities like brushing your teeth can be painful. If you are unable to perform daily activities or work functions as a result of a shoulder injury, contact attorney John J. Garvey, III. He has more than 45 years of personal injury law experience helping people throughout Silicon Valley and the South Bay area.

Common Causes of Shoulder Injuries

At our law firm in San Jose, we are dedicated to recovering compensation for people who have suffered painful shoulder injuries in accidents caused by the negligence and misconduct of others, including:

We will seek compensation for past and expected future medical costs, lost wages and future earning capacity, and other related damages, ensuring that you will be fully compensated for losses caused by your shoulder injury. Some common shoulder injuries that can occur as a result of an accident include:

  • Rotator cuff tear or labral tear
  • Shoulder joint tear
  • Shoulder impingement
  • Fractured or broken shoulder bone
  • Dislocated shoulder or separated shoulder

After a shoulder injury, your life can be greatly affected for several weeks or even months or years. Your ability to work may be affected, and you may find it difficult to sleep and even eat. Most shoulder injuries, whether treated surgically or non-surgically, require a period of immobilization followed by rehabilitation. Attorney John Garvey will make sure these issues will be addressed correctly, and he will fight to help you receive compensation that will allow you to make a full recovery.

We Fight to Get You Relief

Although your injury may be difficult for others to detect, you know it is serious when you cannot sleep due to pain, cannot perform work-related tasks, or are unable to play with your children as you used to do. Our San Jose shoulder injury lawyer can help you address your injuries through:

  • Communication with your doctors to gain a full understanding of the nature and extent of your injuries
  • Calculation of a dollar value of monetary compensation, taking into account all ramifications of your injury and any resulting disabilities
  • Determination of liability, including understanding how the accident happened and who should be responsible for paying for your medical costs, replacement of lost wages, and compensation for pain and suffering

Contact a San Jose Shoulder Injury Attorney

Whatever the cause of an accident, painful shoulder injuries can keep you from working and enjoying life as you once did, and they can last for a long time. You need an attorney on your side to help obtain the compensation you deserve after an accident that led to serious injuries. Contact our San Jose law office to schedule a free initial consultation. We will not charge you any legal fees unless we successfully obtain compensation for you. We have convenient appointments available, and we will come to your home, hospital, or rehab facility if you are unable to travel to see us. Call us now at 408-293-7777.

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