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San Jose Lawyer for Propane Tank Explosion Injuries

People use propane in a variety of situations, such as to cook on a backyard grill. While many propane tanks are safe, there are some situations where they may leak or contain fault valves. The release of gas can be very dangerous, and stray sparks or flames can lead to explosions, fires, burn injuries, and other forms of serious bodily harm. If you have been injured in this type of accident, you will need to determine who was responsible so that you can take steps to recover compensation for your injuries.

At the Law Office of John J. Garvey, III, we provide representation for people who have been injured by exploding propane tanks and other dangerous situations. We can help determine whether you may pursue a premises liability claim against the owner of the property where an explosion occurred, or we may advise you on whether you can take action against the manufacturer of defective products such as propane tanks or valves. Mr. Garvey will advise you on the best steps you can take to protect your right to receive compensation, and he will fight to make sure you will have the resources you need to make a full recovery.

Accidents and Injuries Involving Exploding Propane Tanks

The propane tank explosion that injured you or took the life of a loved one was no doubt a terrible shock. You may have been cautious and prudent in your use of propane, and an accident may have occurred through no fault of your own. Propane tank explosions and injuries can occur in situations such as:

  • Backyard barbecue in a residential area
  • Household heating
  • Water heating
  • Cooking on a gas grill or stove in an RV or camper
  • Patio or backyard heaters

As you may well know, propane is colorless and odorless. Unlike city gas supplies, which are infused with an odor designed to warn people of gas leaks, propane is more difficult to detect. Because of this, people are often unaware of potential safety issues, and they may suffer serious injuries in explosions that should have been prevented.

In many cases, people take care to maintain propane tanks in very good condition, but when exchanging tanks at a store, they may not realize the potential safety issues that may affect them. In some cases, old tanks may leak because of improperly maintained or defective regulators, valves, and connecting hoses. In other cases, tanks may be overfilled. These issues can put propane tank users at serious risk of harm in explosions.

Old, defective, or overfilled propane tanks may leak, or some tanks may be dangerous because they were improperly installed or connected. A cigarette, static electricity, the flame from a grill, or some other ignition source may ignite the gas, setting off an explosion that may cause severe injuries.

If you have been injured by an exploding propane tank, Attorney John Garvey can work with you to identify the parties who were responsible. If you were at someone else's home, the homeowner may be liable due to their failure to install or connect a propane tank correctly. If you were using your own propane tank, the manufacturer or installer may be liable for defects or other issues that made the tank unsafe. Mr. Garvey will work to ensure that you can recover compensation for your injuries from the liable parties.

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Will you need plastic surgery to repair your disfigured face, arms, or legs after a propane tank explosion? How will your family cope after the wrongful death of a loved one who was killed by an exploding propane tank? Discuss your questions with our experienced personal injury lawyer and learn how you can face the future again after a cooking or heating-related propane tank explosion in northern California. Contact the Law Office of John J. Garvey, III at 408-293-7777 to set up your free consultation and learn how we can help after any type of fire, electrical accident, or propane tank explosion.

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