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Despite years of working to ensure that workplace and construction sites are safe, thousands of hardworking people will suffer workplace injuries in California this year. Construction companies, businesses, and government agencies at times neglect rules and codes enacted to protect the rights and bodies of American workers. You may have a claim against the property and land owner, subcontractors, and contractors involved with your construction site. You may be entitled to compensation from a third party, in addition to potential workers compensation benefits that may be received on behalf of your direct employer.

You could unknowingly lose your rights without proper legal representation. We are dedicated to your case from beginning to end, exploring your options and preserving your rights.

Examples Of Workplace Injury Lawsuits

Work sites that require physical labor often contain both obvious and hidden dangers that can cause serious injuries to workers. People who are hurt on the job not only suffer the pain and suffering an injury cause, but are then often hit with medical costs and the possibility of not being able to work in the future. Some common work site injuries include:

  • Road construction zone accidents. Construction zones can prove dangerous and even fatal for workers on public and private construction projects. Workers along the road may be hurt by passing cars, or by construction vehicles while they are backing up.
  • Scaffolding and rigging injuries. Falls from unstable scaffolding, or scaffolding/rigging with inadequate or faulty safety devices can result in traumatic head injuries or other serious injuries that can render a person unable to work.
  • Ditch accidents. Construction ditches are a hazard for workers who may fall in, or be inside a ditch at the time of collapse. Heavy machinery at the lip of a construction ditch may also fall in and cause serious injury.
  • Explosions and fires. Construction workers commonly deal with tools and equipment that can explode or cause a sudden fire, resulting in damaging and disfiguring burns that could require costly medical treatment and/or surgeries.
  • Construction vehicle accidents. Cranes, lift trucks, cement trucks, forklifts or other construction site vehicles can topple over, back up or unload improperly, all of which can seriously injure a or even kill a worker.
  • Inadequate safety training. Working on a site with people who lack safety training can be a risk in itself. Co-workers who engage in unsafe construction site practices put everybody at risk, and can cause serious injury to themselves and those around them.
  • Improper safety railings. Railings that give way, are too low, or dont exist at all where they should, can put workers at risk of dangerous falls from a height that can result in catastrophic injuries.
  • Tool and machinery accidents. Whether you work on a farm, a factory or a construction site, a moment of inattention or an equipment malfunction can cause serious accidents and significant injury where heavy machinery is involved.
  • Electric shock injuries. Touching loose electric wires or having other accidental contact with live electricity on work sites can cause burns, heart attacks and other types of injury or even death.
  • Roofing accidents. By nature of the work, roofing accidents carry the danger of falls and the serious or fatal injuries that result from falls. These injuries can result from inadequate safety equipment, negligence or pure accident.
  • Oil refinery accidents. Workers at oil refineries can be injured by explosions or by toxic chemical emissions.

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