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San Jose Negligent Security Accident Attorney

Property owners have a duty of care to people who frequent their buildings and grounds. Parking lots, parking garages, common area hallways in apartment buildings and college dormitories, hotel hallways, water parks, shopping malls and assisted care facilities are all examples of premises where owners, landlords and property managers need to watch out for peoples safety.

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Injury by assault is virtually always a physically and emotionally painful experience — and even more so, perhaps, when you have the sense that it could have been prevented through common-sense precautions.

  • Were you attacked by a thug or bitten by a dog at a lonely bus stop in front of your local shopping mall in broad daylight — only to find out later that security personnel were socializing on the opposite side of the mall, neglecting their duty to watch out for the safety of shoppers and guests?
  • Were you mugged or sexually assaulted in a hospital parking ramp where security cameras were nonfunctional — and had not been repaired despite awareness by management of the problem?
  • Did you or your child suffer from sexual abuse committed by religious workers at a camp — or a coach at school? Where were security guards at that time? Why did your cries for help go unheeded?
  • Did your son or daughter suffer injury at a water park with lack of supervision — or negligent supervision?
  • Was your baby kidnapped from a hospital shortly after birth — and security measures were lax?
  • Did your elderly parent stray from a nursing home due to inadequate staffing levels?

Whatever physical or psychological injury you suffered as a result of negligent security at work, while shopping, at school, at church or in a hospital, you are encouraged to contact the Law Office of John J. Garvey, III, to schedule a consultation with a premises liability attorney. Talk to San Jose premises liability attorney John J. Garvey, III, about your injury due to negligent security. Explore your legal options and learn how to pursue monetary compensation to cover your medical costs and acknowledge your pain and suffering.

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