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Representing SUV Rollover Accident Victims in Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, and Throughout the Bay Area

Of all the vehicles driven by average drivers, SUVs are the most likely to roll over in a car accident. While many vehicles are equipped with the proper safety measures to protect drivers and passengers in these accidents, there are too many cars on the road that cannot handle the impact. If you or someone you love has been injured because of a roof crush in an SUV rollover accident, an experienced lawyer can help you pursue compensation for your injuries.

For over 45 years, San Jose personal injury attorney John J. Garvey, III has protected the rights of auto accident victims. There has been an increase in roof crush accidents since SUVs came onto the market. If the manufacturer of your SUV did not properly produce a car that could withstand certain impacts, you could be eligible for compensation. Mr. Garvey can help gather evidence to show that a vehicle was defective and did not provide you with the proper protection, and he will advocated on your behalf to ensure that the manufacturer will be held responsible for the ways you have been affected.

Drivers Buy Cars Based on Trust

Unfortunately, many auto companies and other manufacturers take shortcuts in the manufacturing process or with quality control procedures. Since there is no way for you to properly test the strength of your vehicle's roof before purchase, all you can do is rely on the manufacturer's claims that it is safe and hope everything works properly. When an accident occurs, and your car is not able to adequately protect you and your loved ones, you may be able to hold the manufacturer or the distributor responsible.

Due to the severe nature of accidents involving a roof crush, both drivers and passengers are much more likely to suffer fatal or catastrophic injuries. Being crushed under a vehicle's roof in a rollover accident may result in severe bodily harm. These accidents often involve catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and broken bones. People who become trapped in vehicles that have turned over may suffer burn injuries if spilled gasoline results in a fire. In the most serious cases, the injuries suffered in a rollover accident may be fatal.

At the Law Office of John J. Garvey, III, we handle personal injury and wrongful death claims for families who have been affected by SUV rollovers and other auto accidents or injuries caused by defective vehicle parts. We are here to help you take legal action against negligent vehicle designers or manufacturers and ensure that you will have the financial resources you need to recover from your injuries.

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Attorney John J. Garvey, III is unafraid to take on major car manufacturers, and our firm is ready to help you get the full compensation you deserve after being injured in an SUV roof crush accident. Mr. Garvey can meet with you at our office in San Jose, and he can also visit you at a home or hospital. All cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, and there will be no costs for you and no fees collected unless we obtain financial compensation on your behalf. Contact our firm to set up your free initial consultation. Call 408-293-7777 today.

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