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Swimming Isn't Always Safe in Caliofrnia

san jose swimming pool accident attorney

An experienced San Jose swimming pool accident attorney can discuss your case, losses, and available sources of monetary compensation after a drowning or other pool-related accident. You or your child may have suffered harm in a swimming or diving accident involving one of the following:

  • A city pool
  • A private pool
  • A wading pool
  • A hot tub
  • A fountain
  • A state park

California laws are strict and specific regarding codes for fence height, life preserver accessibility, and supervision in swimming pools. A home swimming pool has been held by numerous courts to be an attractive nuisance for which the homeowner is responsible for protecting even uninvited guests from preventable harm. Talk to a San Jose swimming pool injury attorney about the specific circumstances of you or your family members accident involving water and premises liability claim.

The Danger Isn't Just in the Deep End

Was your son or daughter injured as a result of drain suction in a wading pool where the drain was not protected by covers as required by law? Did your child suffer a serious slip and fall accident at a public pool where concrete was slick? Did you or a family member suffer a near-drowning at a health club or at school resulting in brain damage due to lack of oxygen? Was your family member paralyzed in a diving accident when jumping from a cliff at a state park where lack of security or proper warnings were a problem?

Do not assume that the swimmers poor judgment means that you are unable to pursue compensation from the appropriate landowner or governmental entity. San Jose swimming pool accident attorney John J. Garvey, III has years of experience to assist him in evaluating your potential liability case after an accidental death or injury involving a body of water or recreational watercraft.

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