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San Jose, CA Boating Accident Injury Lawyer

Attorney for Victims of Boating Accidents in San Jose, CA

Boating and water sports are supposed to be fun, leisure-time activities for the family. Unfortunately, many people turn our rivers, lakes, and bays into free-for-all activities that cause accidents and injuries. In many accidents involving boats or watercraft, the operators at fault may be unlicensed, underage, or drunk. These accidents can result in serious harm or even wrongful death, and the people or parties who acted negligently or irresponsibly can be held responsible for their failure to protect the safety of others.

San Jose boating accident attorney John J. Garvey, III has more than 45 years of experience in personal injury law. Mr. Garvey helps injured boaters, swimmers, water skiers, and owners of boats or other watercraft file claims to receive monetary compensation for the injuries they have experienced in accidents caused by careless boat or watercraft operators.

If you have been injured while boating, canoeing, kayaking, or sailing on the Folsom Dam Reservoir, the American River, or one of the bodies of water that make up the San Jose area (the Delta), contact San Jose boating accident lawyer John J. Garvey, III. He will meet with you wherever is most convenient to discuss your serious injuries, understand what happened, and explain how we can help you seek compensation from the people who were responsible.

Act Swiftly to Protect Your Rights

Perhaps you were surfing, wakeboarding, scuba diving, or engaged in water recreation activities involving a motorboat or a personal watercraft such as a WaveRunner, Jet Ski, or SeaDoo — and an unfortunate accident resulted in serious injuries. Perhaps you lost a family member in a fatal accident involving a boat or other watercraft. Perhaps your sailboat was hit by a speedboat, or you were hit by a boat while operating a personal watercraft, kayaking, canoeing, or swimming. Was another recreational boater cited for drinking and boating? Did a boat operator fail to observe waterway speed limits or stay on their side of the waterway? Determining liability is best accomplished as soon after the accident as possible — while evidence and eyewitnesses are still readily available.

Legal advice is important at this time, just as medical care is important for your physical recovery. Attorney John Garvey can provide guidance on how you can protect your rights, and he can explain the options available to you as you seek compensation for the damages you have suffered.

Without an attorney providing you with legal representation, you could lose your right to pursue compensation for damages related to a boating accident. Attorney Garvey is dedicated to helping you obtain monetary compensation after a debilitating Jet Ski, speedboat, sailboat, yacht, or houseboat accident. We are prepared to advocate zealously on your behalf from the beginning to the end of your case, ensuring that your rights are preserved and helping you recover the compensation you deserve.

Get Help From an Experienced Santa Cruz Boat Accident Attorney

All cases accepted by our law firm are handled on a contingency fee basis, with no fees charged unless compensation is recovered. Flexible appointment times are available for your convenience, and we will come to you if you are unable to travel. Contact San Jose, California boating accident lawyer John J. Garvey, III at 408-293-7777 for a free consultation to discuss your case. By getting in touch with us as soon as possible, you can ensure that we will be able to begin the investigation process, preserve important evidence, and take legal action on your behalf to address your injuries and damages.

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