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Compassionate Representation for Carpenter Injury Cases in San Jose

Carpentry is by nature both an exciting and a risky occupation. A master carpenter has the vocational satisfaction of building objects and structures that did not exist before and seeing them put to good use. However, this work also comes from some risk, and when accidents occur, workers may suffer serious injuries.

Carpenters may work on roofs, on ladders, and in tight places using power equipment. They may be at risk of falls from ladders or scaffolds, or they may suffer injuries because of defective tools or equipment. When injuries occur while a carpenter is working, they will need to determine their options for recovering financial compensation.

Were you or was your loved one seriously injured while working as a carpenter at a construction site or when doing remodeling or repairs? If the injury victim in a carpentry accident was an employee at the time, there is likely to be a workers' compensation case. However, a third party – someone other than the employer or employee – may also be responsible, and other insurance coverage may apply.

At the Law Office of John J. Garvey, III, we can help you determine your options for pursuing compensation from the parties who were responsible for an injury. We will work with you to explore all available sources of compensation, and we will advocate on your behalf to ensure that you will have the financial resources needed to make a full recovery.

Insist on a Thorough Investigation

Whether the carpenter was an employee or a subcontractor working for himself, it is important to conduct a detailed investigation of the scene and the circumstances of the accident to determine whether there is any third-party liability. Was an equipment manufacturer or another subcontractor to blame? Was a property owner negligent?

Situations that commonly lead to carpentry accidents include:

  • A fall from an elevated surface or rooftop with a lack of guardrails or other protective equipment
  • A fateful encounter with power saws or other power equipment, including negligent operation of tools or equipment that did not function properly
  • Injuries that occurred because of an unsafe workplace, such as a lack of safety goggles that resulted in eye injuries
  • Accidental encounters with electrical power sources resulting in electric shock or electrocution

If a third party is found to be liable for an injury, they may be responsible for paying compensation for the damages suffered by an injury victim. This may include the requirement to cover medical expenses, repay a person for the income they have lost, address disabilities that may affect a person's ability to work in the future, and compensate the victim for their pain and suffering.

Pursue Compensation With the Help of a San Jose Carpentry Accident Attorney

Whatever your circumstances and whatever your injuries — head injury, back injury, burns, amputation, or other forms of physical or emotional harm — you owe it to yourself and your future to pursue compensation aggressively. If you are a family member seeking direction after an accidental death at a building site, our lawyer is ready to advise you on how to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to file a wrongful death claim against any liable party.

Contact us online or call 408-293-7777 to speak with an experienced carpentry accident lawyer in San Jose at the Law Office of John J. Garvey, III. At your free consultation, you can learn how we can help after any type of construction accident or industrial accident.

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