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Carpentry is by nature both an exciting and a risky occupation. A master carpenter has the vocational satisfaction of building objects and structures that did not exist before and seeing them put to good use.

A carpenter is often precariously located on roofs, on ladders and in tight places using power equipment. Were you or was your loved one seriously injured while working as a carpenter at a construction site or when doing remodeling or repairs? If the injury victim in a carpentry accident was an employee at the time, there is likely to be a workers compensation case. However, a third party – someone other than the employer or employee – may also be responsible, and other insurance coverage may apply.

Insist On A Thorough Investigation

Whether the carpenter was an employee or a subcontractor working for himself, it is important to conduct a detailed investigation of the scene and circumstances of the accident to determine whether there is third party liability. Was an equipment manufacturer or another subcontractor to blame? Was a property owner negligent?

Possible situations leading to the carpentry accident include the following:

  • A fall from an elevated surface or roof top with lack of guards
  • A fateful encounter with power saws or other power equipment
  • An unsafe workplace — perhaps a lack of safety goggles
  • Accidental encounter with electrical power sources resulting in electric shock or electrocution

Pursue Compensation With The Help Of A San Jose Carpentry Accident Attorney

Whatever your circumstances and whatever your injuries — head injury, back injury, burns or amputation — you owe it to yourself and your future to pursue compensation aggressively. If you are a family member seeking direction after an accidental death on a building site, our lawyer is ready to advise you on how to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to file a wrongful death claim against any liable party.

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