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When you buy or use a product that has been made available for sale in the United States, you should be safe from defects or other issues that may lead to serious injuries. Product liability cases involve negligence by manufacturers, retailers, distributors, or service providers who have not taken the proper steps to ensure that products can be used safely. If injuries occur when a product is used as intended or in a reasonable manner, a victim may be able to take legal action to recover compensation for the damages they have suffered.

If you suffered injuries when using a product in your home or workplace, contact San Jose dangerous product attorney John J. Garvey, III. He has experience that can work to your advantage, and he can help you understand your options for pursuing compensation from the parties who were responsible for your injuries.

Many Faulty Products Could Cause Injury

Product liability cases may address issues related to multiple types of products, including:

At the Law Office of John J. Garvey, III, we work to ensure that injury victims will be compensated for the harm they have suffered while using defective products, including in cases where the proper instructions or warning labels were not provided. To maximize profits, manufacturers may try to use shortcuts when designing and producing products, and they may fail to follow the proper procedures for quality control. Products with design flaws or manufacturing errors may break down, causing injuries to their users.

Injuries can also occur if the instructions on how to use a product safely were inadequate, In some cases, manufacturers or other parties may fail to include warning labels, or the instructions or warnings may be confusing and written unclearly. If you can show that you did not receive the proper instructions or warnings that would allow you to use a product correctly, you may be compensated for injuries that occurred because of a failure to warn you about safety issues.

Knowledgeable Representation, Decades of Experience

A discussion with Mr. Garvey can help you evaluate your potential claim. Together, we can determine the appropriate course of action to take in your individual situation. For more than 45 years, Attorney John J. Garvey, III has effectively represented people in personal injury lawsuits against large manufacturers and their insurance companies.

Our experienced attorney will work to protect your right to pursue compensation for injuries caused by defective products. Mr. Garvey will work closely with you, explaining your options and taking steps to preserve your rights. All cases we take on are handled through contingency fees. We will only charge attorney fees if we collect monetary compensation on your behalf. Flexible appointments are available, and your consultation is free.

Contact Our San Jose, CA Product Liability Attorney

Schedule a consultation with an experienced San Jose product liability lawyer regarding any accidental injury involving construction equipment, power tools, farm equipment, ladders, or any other dangerous products. Our clients have been injured as a result of accidents due to manufacturing defects, lack of safety devices, lack of guard rails, inadequate instructions or safety warnings, and unprotected swimming pool drains. We also represent those harmed by food products, defective car parts, and recreational equipment such as personal watercraft.

Contact our law office at 408-293-7777 to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help with your potential product liability claim. We will handle your case with professionalism and care.

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