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At the Law Office of John J. Garvey, III, Justice first, integrity always is our motto. We welcome requests for free, honest initial consultations from accident victims and their families. Call 408-293-7777 to schedule a preliminary case evaluation with a personal injury lawyer--whether you were the truck driver, an occupant of another motor vehicle or a family member of a pedestrian who was killed by a truck.

Laid Low By the King of the Road

Our nations economy depends on trucking. The goods that we purchase in stores are delivered by big rig 18-wheelers which are literally locomotives on wheels--far outweighing anything in their paths. Truck accidents of any kind cause serious injuries to drivers and passengers in cars, to bicyclists and pedestrians, to motorcycle riders and to truck drivers themselves.

At the San Jose, California, Law Office of John J. Garvey III, our attorney and staff have many years of experience helping people injured in big rig accidents. If you have been injured in an accident involving a truck, contact our office to learn about your rights and your options.

Investigating a Trucking Accident to Build a Strong Case

We are well prepared to determine whether your accident was caused by negligence, too little sleep, or misconduct, such as driving under the influence of alcohol or pills. Our investigators look at issues such as the speed of the truck, the placement of the load and the condition of the roadway. We examine the drivers log, the brakes and other safety equipment on the truck, and the driving record of the trucker. We use the information to build a strong case.

Highway 17 Accidents and Other Dangerous California Roads

Many car accidents in the area occur on Highway 17 between Los Gatos and Santa Cruz. This stretch of road is notorious for accidents and truckers should know to exercise caution when on this highway. However, truck drivers still tailgate, try to pass when visibility is poor, and head into the many curves and hills too fast. These careless actions often result in a high percentage of accidents, many of which could have been averted with proper driving care.

Improper Loading and Tie Downs

Another cause of accidents is improper loading. Heavy or loose cargo falling off a flatbed may cause little damage to the truck but can create a major hazard to following vehicles. A load shift during a too-fast turn can cause the truck to flip into an oncoming lane.

Equipment Failure

Yet another cause of truck accidents can be equipment failure or the malfunction of basic equipment, such as tires, hitches and safety chains. If a tire blows out, it creates a serious hazard for following vehicles. If a safety chain comes undone or a hitch fails, the trailer can detach from the tractor, causing havoc on the highway. In the case of a flammable or toxic load, this situation can cause multiple car accidents, serious injuries, and fatalities.

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Whatever the cause of the semi-truck accident, the injuries will be severe or catastrophic. You need someone on your side to help obtain the monetary compensation you need. Contact our San Jose law office after a truck accident to schedule a free initial consultation. These cases are handled on a contingency fee basis (no recovery, no fee).

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