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John Garvey III is an exceptional lawyer. Jonh helped me at the hardest time in my entire life, while my daughters life was weighing in the balance. By the grace of God I'm still a mom today. John listened and handled my extremely emotional case with integrity, compassion, and honesty. He advised us and provided the best outcome for me and my family. I appreciate him, and his service and humongous kudos to Diane his assistant too!! Great Team. Highly recommend John Garvey III

- Catherine Hendsch


My family and I wish to thank John and his staff for all they did for us in our personal injury case. John personally walked me through the entire process, and made sure I knew what to expect when I was giving my deposition. John used only the very best people to prove my case and as such left the defendants attorney with little option but to settle the case.

- james mc guire


I felt like David going up against an evil Goliath. Thank God I found Garvey!! He certainly evened the playing field!! His results were way beyond my expectations. He, Diane & Anaida get an A++ from me!!!

- chuck larson


Great service

- Sandra Munoz


My puny thanks for all your effort and assistance is hardly enough to express my appreciation. But I’m sure you know how much it truly meant to me to have you on the case. Thanks again my friend, see you around the pool.

- V.


Thank you again for all the hard work you put into my case and for my awesome outcome.

- Jessika R.


I was hit by an elderly driver when coming out of work. I was nervous after the accident, but John explained everything to me in terms that I understood and made me feel at ease. He always offered helpful advice and directed me through the best approach on my case. His advise was always in my best interest. I feel very fortunate to have john as my lawyer. His assistant Diane, kept me up to date as to what was happening with my case. I was pleasantly surprise that my settlement was twice as much as I expected it to be. I rave about his services to my friends and anyone who would listen to me. I would HIGHLY recommend his services to anyone seeking a real HONEST and QUALITY LAWYER. I would go back to him if I ever needed his services.

- Sharron P.


I first met John Garvey and his team 22 years ago, when I was 16. I was involved in a car accident that left me with a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). We soon found out that the driver of the vehicle didn't have a license nor insurance, so with his superb experience and knowledge we sued my parents insurance. After 3 long years, John was able to get me the maximum amount that my parents’ insurance coverage policy allowed us to obtain.

John stayed with us from the minute we went to him to after we settled. With this type of professionalism and empathy, I had no problem returning to him for his help two years ago. I was yet again involved in another car accident. I called John within a few days of the accident happening and his team immediately put me on his calendar. During our meeting I saw that not only did he have the same professionalism and empathy but he was still determined to do what was best for me. My case was settled within six months and made sure that I was ok with the settlement, made sure on a weekly basis that I was healing, and saw to it that since I lived 80 miles away that our meetings were done over the phone. When the settlement check was ready he asked what my preferences was, if I would like it shipped or if I would like to come into the office.

John Garvey and Team are prompt, professional, caring, and never assume anything. They make sure that their client is taken care of and is doing well. They ensure that whether it is a short case or long case, that they stick by your side and see that you are provided with extreme sincerity. I continue to refer John Garvey and his Team to my friends and family and I believe anyone who meets John will feel the same as I do. Thank you John and Team, you mean the world to me and my family!

- Have A Blessed Day, Dawn

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