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Many of our San Jose area readers will not soon forget the airliner crash that occurred at the San Francisco International Airport over the summer, leaving three people dead. Considering the potential for devastation that any airline crash presents, it seems like a miracle that there weren't more people hospitalized with a catastrophic or serious injury. Those who did suffer serious injuries, however, are still dealing with the crash, including one passenger who was recently released from the San Francisco General Hospital.

According to a recent report, the passenger, a female, had been hospitalized ever since the crash that left her with severe burns, intestinal injuries and, unfortunately, a spinal cord injury that has paralyzed her. The report indicates that the passenger went through 30 surgeries during the treatment of her injuries. She was unable to eat solid food for approximately two months. She has now been transferred to a rehabilitation facility.

This airliner crash was all over national news when it occurred. Apparently the aircraft crashed into a seawall after landing, which separated the back of the plane from the rest of the aircraft. Most of our readers probably know that three teenagers died in the crash, one of whom was run over by a fire truck that was responding to the accident. An investigation into the exact cause of the airline accident is still underway.

It seems that the airline knows that legal action is coming - the company has offered each survivor $10,000. Unfortunately for the company, that sum many not be enough. Further, the actual manufacturer of the aircraft may come under legal scrutiny as well, especially if a defect on the plane is discovered in the investigation. Either way, the survivors of this horrible accident will most likely find a way to get compensation through civil lawsuits.

Source: San Jose Mercury News, "Final Asiana survivor released from hospital," Oct. 23, 2013

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