Two accident victims in two days in pedestrian-vehicle collisions

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The number of deadly pedestrian accidents occurring in San Jose is an issue that is really beginning to get some news coverage, especially in light of two recent accidents that occurred within two days of each other. According to one report, the accident victims in these two incidents resulted in what are being labeled as the 23rd and 24th deaths in pedestrian-vehicle collisions in San Jose this year.

Any collision between a vehicle and a pedestrian has the potential to be deadly. However, there are certain factors that could raise the danger, and the two recent accidents, unfortunately, demonstrated this quite well.

On November 24, a 3-year-old boy was killed when he and two other people were struck by a car while they were crossing the street in a designated crosswalk. The young boy was in a stroller at the time of the accident, and he died at the hospital as he was being treated for severe injuries. The two other people with him were also injured, but their injuries were reportedly minor. This just goes to show that a young child faces increased danger in these types of accidents. The second accident took place the next day, on November 25. This accident occurred at around 11:00 p.m., and the darkness could have resulted in reduced visibility for the driver of the car that struck and killed a young woman.

The reports indicate that with 24 pedestrian deaths in this type of accident so far this year, that number is twice the total from 2012, and the most in at least the last five years. While incidents like this are often labeled as "accidents," there is usually some party who was at least negligent at the time of the collision - if not outright reckless.

Source: NBC Bay Area, "San Jose Woman Becomes City's 24th Pedestrian Killed in 2013," Kris Sanchez and Megan Trihey, Nov. 26, 2013

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