Truck causes highway accident that leaves 4 dead

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In Blythe, California, a truck caused a highway accident that tragically left four motorists dead. The highway accident occurred when a truck spilled a load of pipes in the road. A bus traveling the same road struck the pipes, the driver lost control of the bus and then the bus rolled down an embankment. The highway accident caused the bus to overturn, killing four and also injuring several more people.

The pipes fell off of the truck just moments before the bus passed through. The truck driver had lost control of the vehicle after drifting into the dirt, and then he jackknifed. At least seven of the people on the bus had to seek medical treatment for serious injuries and 14 others had minor injuries. It is not known what caused the pipes, some as long as 50 feet, to come loose from the truck.

It is known that the truck driver had drifted in the dirt after trying to pass slower vehicles. Because the highway has no lights, the bus was unable to see and avoid the impact with the pipes. Neither driver was hurt in the accident, but at least two passenger vehicles were impacted by the pipes in the road before the bus hit them.

There were several factors that could indicate that the truck driver is possibly liable for the California accident. He was passing motorists when he lost control of the vehicle and jackknifed. It is also possible that his load was not properly fastened, which led to the pipes falling off the truck. Victims of this highway accident may wish to explore the possibility of personal injury or wrongful death compensation. There may be sufficient evidence and documentation to prove that they suffered because of a negligent driver.

Source: US News, "Truck spills pipes onto remote Southern California highway, triggers bus crash that kills 4", Brian Skoloff and Christopher Weber, May 21, 2014

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