Truck accident ends in wrongful death win, no criminal case

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There are criminal cases and there are civil cases. When family loses a loved one to a negligent driver they have power to seek justice via a civil lawsuit. It is up to the government if it wants to pursue its own, criminal case against a careless driver.

For a family who lost a mother and sister in a truck accident, they will only see justice done in civil court. They never even saw criminal charges filed against the trucker who is responsible for their loved ones preventable deaths. The money they've won and the message sent in the recent wrongful death verdict is what is left of their family.

In December 2010, the 55-year-old mother and her 28-year-old daughter were legally using a crosswalk when a semi-truck crashed into them and then proceeded to leave the scene of the California crash. Both pedestrians died as a result of the truck accident. The accident, according to the wrongful death case, was the result of the truck driver making an illegal turn when the pedestrians had the right of way.

A jury ruled in favor of the plaintiffs and awarded them $15 million for the wrongful death of their family members. The driver who killed the women won't serve any time behind bars for his behavior. Authorities reportedly didn't find enough evidence to support criminal charges. Fortunately, civil action remained an option for the mourning family and a message has been sent that driver carelessness won't be tolerated on the streets of California.

Our San Jose wrongful death lawyers help families who have lost loved ones to pedestrian accidents, truck accidents and other crashes caused by negligence.

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