Tour bus driver endangers 17 passengers in California accident

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There are various tourist destinations within the state of California. Yosemite National Park is a classically American tourist spot, and tour bus companies run their buses to and from the site on regular basis. What might be a routine Yosemite run, however, turned into a bus accident last weekend.

Seventeen people were riding in a tour bus leaving the park last Saturday evening. Sixteen of those people wound up needing medical attention from a hospital after the bus went off of the winding road. Authorities suspect that speed was a factor in the accident, an accident that could easily have been catastrophic.

The area of and around Yosemite isn't necessarily a flat, easy drive. Roads are winding, with drops and ravines surrounding them. One wrong move could spell disaster. That is why it is crucial that a driver, particular a driver who is paid to transport tourists responsibly, abides by traffic laws on the California roadway.

None of the accident victims sustained fatal or critical injuries. The bus reportedly crashed into and was also stopped by a tree off of the side of the road. Without that impact, sources believe that the California bus crash could have been more severe. The bus could have rolled farther down the ravine, causing serious injuries to the passengers inside.

Source: Inquisitr, "Yosemite Tour Bus Crash Leaves 16 Injured," April 14, 2013

  • Bus passengers don't wear seatbelts. So much of their safety depends on the quality driving of their bus driver. Accidents like this one so often lead to terrible injuries such as neck injuries, back injuries, head injuries and more. Visit our San Jose Bus Accident Lawyer page to learn how we help those injured by a bus.
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