Tired driver involved in deadly crash with police car

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Any Santa Clara County reader who watches the evening news is probably used to seeing reports on serious car accidents that jam up the roadways in the local area each day. It is a sad reality of living in America that hundreds of car accidents occur throughout the country every day, for a variety of reasons. Our readers may remember a particularly sad accident that occurred back in November of last year, in which a family that was headed back from a "Black Friday" sale crashed in Palo Alto.

The crash was a tragedy involving a man driving a SUV with five passengers - the man's wife and their four daughters. The man, who was driving after getting only a couple of hours of sleep, veered off the road and hit a California Highway Patrol cruiser that was parked on the side of the road. The officer who was stopped had done so to help two people change a tire on their car.

The SUV slammed into the patrol car, which then hit the patrolman and one of the other motorists changing the tire. The patrolman suffered serious injuries. Sadly, two passengers in the driver's vehicle also died as a result of the accident. The man is now facing criminal charges related to the deaths, although jail time is not expected due to the unfortunate circumstances.

Unfortunately, such accidents occur all too frequently here in the San Jose area. There are many ways in which negligence can cause an accident. For example, distracted driving, which can include texting, tending to crying children, looking at a GPS or even sightseeing can cause a driver to lose focus on the road and become a danger to others. Unfortunately, as the above example illustrates, driving tired - which shares some similarities to driving while intoxicated - can also have dire results.

For those injured in an accident caused by this type of negligent behavior, compensation may be sought through a personal injury lawsuit to cover medical expenses, lost wages and more. While people can agree that the best result would be to avoid the accident in the first place, ensuring the appropriate remedy when they do occur is the next best option.

Source: Palo Alto Online, "Father charged in crash that killed daughters," Sue Dremann, Aug. 22, 2013

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