Three-car highway accident leaves three injured

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When taking a driver's education class, learning how to parallel park may be the most tedious and frustrating lessons, while learning to drive safely on the highway can be one of the most nerve-wreaking lessons. However, safe highway driving is imperative to avoid accidents and the risk of sustaining serious injuries.

Interstate 80 near San Pablo was recently the scene of a three-car accident that resulted in serious injuries to three people. A Toyota SUV made an unsafe lane-change while driving westbound on the highway; the Toyota struck a Honda. The driver of the Honda lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the center divider, flipping over the wall. The drivers of both vehicles were uninjured; however the three passengers in the Honda were all seriously injured and were taken to a local hospital. All three accident victims were wearing their seatbelts when the accident happened. A third vehicle was involved, but reports do not indicate whether the driver or passengers were injured. Currently, authorities are still investigating the accident.

When on the road, a driver must exercise reasonable care under the circumstances, otherwise that driver could be found to have acted negligently. A driver who acts negligently can be found liable if others are injured due to his actions. Actions such as speeding, disregarding traffic signals or improperly passing or changing lanes may constitute negligence.

Highway driving, in particular, requires that drivers pay attention and observe proper driving techniques and traffic rules. Because of the high speeds and many lanes of traffic, one bad decision can impact many other drivers and cause accidents.

Source:, "San Pablo: Major injury accident following unsafe lane change," Katie Nelson, May 3, 2013

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