Stanford study supports point that all head injuries are serious

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Various types of injuries can result from motor vehicle accidents. Some might be relatively minor, like a cut or bruise. Some are more clearly severe such as bone fractures. Some are catastrophic injuries like spinal cord injuries and brain damage. And, as it turns out, even what might seem like a so-called minor head injury could have a serious impact on a crash victim.

Radiology, a medical journal, reports on a study that evaluated the brains of patients who had sustained single concussions. They compared the MRIs of those brain injury patients over time and to those who never sustained a concussion and found that there was lasting damage. The revelation proves how all it takes is one accident for a person's life to potentially change in a significant way.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that more than one million people in the U.S. sustain mild forms of brain injury, including concussions, every year. The head injuries are sustained through different incidents, sports being a common and popularly-discussed cause. But news regarding the long-term health impact of a singular concussion also has meaning for those who are suffering from a brain injury due to a car accident.

Brain injuries, and apparently even the relatively minor kind, lead to short-term damage and the medical bills that follow but also long-term damage and related bills. This could be taken into account in personal injury cases wherein plaintiffs suffer from the life-altering effects of head injuries.

Our San Jose brain injury attorneys understand the drastic, long-lasting impact that head trauma causes. We help victims of motor vehicle accidents who are suffering from that serious damage.

Source: Scope (blog), "Can a single concussion cause lasting brain damage?" Lia Steakley, March 13, 2013

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