St. Patrick's means California drivers press their luck on roads

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Every driving decision that someone makes can have an impact on more than just his life. The decision to speed, make an illegal turn or drive drunk puts numerous others at risk of getting hurt or killed in a traffic accident. California law enforcement is trying to prevent irresponsible St. Patrick's partiers from injuring unsuspecting motorists.

There is nothing wrong with finding a reason to celebrate. St. Patrick's Day can be fun, the drinks included. Still, the price of fun must stop being the well-being of others. Police are supposed to be on California roads in full force this weekend in order to try to identify drunk drivers and stop them from causing drunk driving accidents.

Checkpoints will be utilized, as well as saturation patrols and more. One LAPD officer says, "We want everyone to be happy and celebrate, but we're also being realistic, because we know that some people will not be responsible." Irresponsibility regarding drinking and driving often leads to accidents and the related, preventable injuries of innocent people. Last year, reportedly three people died because of DUI crashes around this holiday.

Police will also be trying to cut down on underage drinking over the holiday weekend by working undercover at liquor stores throughout the state. DUI checkpoints were in effect in various locations yesterday and will continue tonight through the early morning.

Despite the intense DUI prevention efforts, as the above quote suggests, some drivers will fail to act responsibly this weekend. Our San Jose car accident lawyers help victims of drunk driving accidents and other incidents caused by careless drivers.

Source: NBC Southern California, "Police on Watch for Drunken Driving During St. Patrick's Day Weekend," Chloe Stepney, March 16, 2013

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