South San Jose car accident injures three people in a Prius

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Many of our San Jose readers are probably getting used to seeing the new so-called "green energy" cars traveling local roadways. Since the early models of hybrid and electric cars were introduced for public purchase several years ago there has been a surge in the number of available options when it comes to buying an eco-friendly automobile. There is no doubt that many of these vehicles save their owners money that would otherwise be put toward gasoline - even if the savings may be offset by the initial purchase prices of the vehicle. There is also little doubt that the technology in these cars is advancing, slowly but surely, allowing the eco-friendly technology to be used in a wider variety of car models. Unfortunately, all of these "green" technology savings may come with a sacrifice - the protection offered by a larger and heavier vehicle.

The Toyota Prius was one of the first green technology car models to become widely popular. But it is a small car, and the size of one Prius may have been a factor in the serious injuries the driver and passengers in one of these vehicles suffered in a recent collision.

According to a recent report, an apparent head-on collision occurred on Silver Creek Valley Road between a Toyota Prius and a truck on November 21. And, as may be expected, the driver of the truck did not suffer any major injuries, while the driver and two other adults in the Prius required immediate medical attention with each of them suffering what could be classified as a catastrophic or serious injury. It was reported that the driver of the Prius actually had to be assisted out of the vehicle by firefighters on the scene.

There were no immediate reports as to how this collision occurred, but an investigation is most likely underway. There are hundreds of variables at play in a car accident, but the relative size of the vehicles involved will often be a major factor.

Source: San Jose Mercury News, "San Jose: Three people severely injured in accident on Silver Creek Valley Road," Mark Gomez, Nov. 21, 2013

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