San Jose driver cut off on highway suffers head trauma

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When a 39-year-old San Jose woman left home on the morning of just another normal day, she didn't know she would be involved in a crash that would leave her in critical condition. No one expects tragedy to strike as they go about the everyday routines of daily life, yet brain injuries like the one this woman suffered do happen -- even in such a typical exchange as being cut off by another driveway on a highway.

The woman was driving a Toyota Camry when she swerved to avoid colliding with a driver who cut her off around 5 a.m. The Toyota then rolled several times before landing sideways across the fast lane and median, with traffic coming at the passenger side of the car. Her car was broadsided when another driver in a Toyota MR2 struck her stopped vehicle. She was subsequently rushed to a nearby hospital and was in critical condition after being diagnosed with serious head trauma.

The driver who initially cut off the woman in the Camry sped away, never stopping. The California Highway Patrol has no information regarding that vehicle.

The Toyota MR2 that struck the woman's vehicle was driven by a man with no driver's license. Following the accident, he was treated for minor injuries and released. He was fortunate, considering that as a result of the collision with the Camry, he also hit a minivan traveling next to him. And in a further chain reaction, his car was struck from behind by a Dodge Dakota. The lanes of the highway were all closed for 90 minutes following the string of accidents.

None of the people involved in this chain-reaction collision could have anticipated they would be tangled up in a multi-vehicle accident that morning. Car accidents begin and end so quickly that sorting out the aftermath -- especially when it includes a serious injury such as head trauma -- can be extremely difficult, not to mention stressful. Finding an experienced personal injury attorney can be a great help in determining how the accident happened, who should be held responsible and how you can recover from it as quickly as possible.

Source: Mercury News, "San Jose woman, 39, suffers major head trauma after collision on Highway 101 in Sunnyvale," Mark Gomez, Oct. 16, 2012

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