Rear-end car accident brings verdict for $82,000 in damages

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Even relatively minor San Jose car accidents can result in significant property damage and cause serious injuries. Victims of car accidents who have been injured need compensation. In many cases, victims have no other option but to bring a lawsuit in order to recover the necessary compensation.

A recent jury verdict provides an example. In March of 2007, two drivers were involved in a car accident on a state highway. The driver who caused the accident was an elderly woman who was in a hurry to return to her retirement home. As she proceeded on the highway, she realized that she was closer to a vehicle in front of her than she had estimated, and would not be able to stop before rear-ending the upcoming vehicle.

The rear-ending driver testified that she only recalled one impact in the accident, but the driver whose vehicle was hit testified that there were two impacts involved in the incident.

The driver who was hit sued the rear-ending driver, seeking $325,000 in damages. The lawsuit claimed that the driver who was hit suffered two degenerated neck discs, which required surgery to treat. The suit also claimed that the rear-ending driver had disobeyed basic safety rules in the moments leading up to the accident.

San Jose car accident attorneys noted from news reports that the jury found in favor of the plaintiff and awarded the driver who was hit $82,650 in damages. Past and future medical expenses accounted for $69,828 of the damage award. Lost wages were $7,822 of the damages, and $5,000 was for past and future pain and suffering.

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