Pedestrian Safety in California

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California is one of the most deadly states for pedestrians along with New York, Florida and Texas. In fact, 42 percent of all fatal pedestrian accidents occur in these states and only 5 percent of all traffic related fatalities.

The California Highway Patrol reported that there were 214 pedestrian deaths and nearly 5,000 pedestrian injuries in Los Angeles County in 2008. Of all the child fatalities related to motor vehicle crashes, nearly one third are pedestrians.

California is especially deadly for pedestrians because there are so many high traffic, urban areas in the state. Approximately 72 percent of fatal accidents occur in urban areas.

Many people living in bustling cities walk because it is the easiest and cheapest way to get around. In 2005, the Federal Highway Administration conducted a survey, which found that approximately 107.4 million Americans walk as their main form of transportation as opposed to driving a motor vehicle or using public transportation. .

California authorities have been actively working to reduce the number of pedestrian deaths in the state by launching educational campaigns, reengineering problem areas and toughening enforcement of traffic violations.

Safety Tips for Pedestrians

Researchers have determined that most crashes involving pedestrians occur in the middle of the block where there is no legal crosswalk. Pedestrians should always try to cross a roadway at an intersection.

Pedestrians should also be wary of drivers who are distracted, impaired or reckless. Make eye contact with drivers to make sure that they see you. Wear clothes that are light in color or reflective so that you are as visible as possible.

In addition, children are especially vulnerable as pedestrians due to their small size that makes them difficult to see. Children are also less cautious and unaware of the rules of the road. Parents should make sure their children are under adult supervision when crossing the street and teach children to follow safety rules when walking to reduce the chance of being involved in an accident.

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