NTSB says cultural change needed to stop distracted driving

Posted on May 23, 2014 in Car Accidents

Whether you live here in California or another state, it seems like every time you read the news you see a new case of distracted driving that either resulted in injury or death. In more cases than not, the driver responsible for causing the collision was using some type of portable electronic device. But even though everyone knows the dangers associated with driving and using a PED, nearly 70 percent of drivers admit to talking on cellphones while driving. Another 25 percent admit to texting and driving.

While this is a disconcerting thought to our San Jose readers it is also a concern for the National Transportation Safety Board. The agency believes that a cultural change is needed in order to better prevent distracted driving accidents across the United States. Much like the movement to stop drunk driving, the agency feels that tougher regulations are needed, which will get the message across to the public that this type of reckless driving is not tolerated.

As our readers have no doubt noted in the last few years, automakers have made it easier to use PEDs while driving by offering integrated systems in many vehicle models. From hands-free calling to in-dash media displays, automakers are putting more distractions in front of drivers, which could lead to accidents in the future. But instead of putting emphasis on convenience and accessibility, the NTSB says that the U.S. should put more emphasis on safety with PED-free transportation.

Though it's not possible to prevent all distracted driving accidents across the nation, the hope is that by reducing the number of distractions at a driver's fingertips we are also reducing their likelihood of causing a serious or fatal accident down the road.

Source: The National Transportation Safety Board, "Eliminate Distraction in Transportation," Accessed May 23, 2014

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