Movie stunt man sues California company after suffering brain injury

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The film "The Hangover" became known across the nation as a comedy filled with ridiculous antics. The movie's sequel, "The Hangover II" was no different and boasted even more crazy stunts that included high-speed car chases through the streets of Thailand.

But now a stunt man has filed a lawsuit in California against Warner Brothers, seeking damages for the serious brain injury he sustained while filming a car chase scene. Victims of brain injuries often find themselves dealing with the effects long after the original incident. For the stuntman, his injury occurred last year and he is still grappling with how it has changed his life.

While details are sparse, it appears that while filming the car chase, the car sped up unexpectedly and crashed into another vehicle. The stunt man had been in the car and was injured in the crash. Because of the severity of his brain injury, doctors placed him in a coma for a few months.

Even after his release from the hospital, he has been unable to work and requires the help of a caretaker. Jobs as a stunt man typically require a lot of strenuous physical activity as well as run the risk of additional injuries. It also appears that the stunt man's injuries will never completely heal and could require permanent medical attention.

This is not unusual for a severe brain injury. Often brain injury victims are left unable to perform even basic functions that had been second nature prior to the accident. They undergo rigorous and often painful therapy and rehabilitation in order to regain mobility.

But in addition to the physical effects, a brain injury can also leave the victim in financial trouble especially if the victim is unable to pay the medical bills. The expenses can continue to grow if the brain injury victim requires long-term care and medical attention. It is a life adjustment on many levels. For this stunt man, compensation from a lawsuit settlement would help with the medical expenses and can help him move forward with his life.

Source: Reuters: "Stunt double sues warner claiming brain damage," Tim Kenneally, Aug. 31, 2011

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