Motorcycle crash kills California Highway Patrol officer

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Highway driving may be stressful for some, due to the high speeds, especially when trying to make a left turn across traffic. Adding difficult-to-see vehicles, such as motorcycles, can increase the risk of becoming involved in San Jose car accidents.

A California Highway Patrol officer was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident recently. The officer was riding a motorcycle, when he was struck by a man in an SUV attempting to make a turn, across several lanes of traffic, into a residential area. The SUV was in the process of turning when the driver saw the motorcycle; the driver attempted to accelerate to clear the lane, but not able to do so before the motorcycle clipped his car. The motorcyclist was thrown from his motorcycle because of that impact, and was then hit by an SUV. The officer died at the scene.

Accidents involving a motorcycle and an automobile can be especially dangerous for the motorcyclist. Motorcycle riders are 26 times more likely to die in an accident than someone who is in an automobile, due in large part to the exposure of the rider. Motorcycles, being lighter and smaller than cars, are more difficult to see and can easily be obscured by other vehicles on the road, and lack safety features like airbags that protect car passengers.

Motorcycle accidents and car accidents are both governed by the law of negligence. Drivers of all vehicles are required to use reasonable care when on the road. If the negligence of a driver causes injury to another person, that driver may be found liable for the victim's damages.

Authorities have not yet filed any charges or made any arrests in the motorcycle death of the officer. The investigation remains ongoing.

Source:, "California Highway Patrol Officer killed in motorcycle accident in Fairfield," Richard Bammer, Dec. 17, 2012

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