Motorcycle Accidents: Causes and Prevention

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There are many reasons why a motorcycle accident can occur. Often it is the other motorist, not the motorcyclist, who is at fault. The main reason for an accident with a motorcycle is that the other driver simply does not see the motorcycle due to its relatively small size compared to the other cars and trucks on the road. Motorcyclist inexperience can also play a large part in an accident. Someone who is not familiar with the specifics of driving a motorcycle versus a car can have difficulty safely operating a motorcycle. Another risk factor is speed.

Motorcycle accidents, like any vehicular accidents, can have tragic and long-lasting effects. However, due to the significant power of a motorcycle and the lack of a protective barrier between a motorcyclist and the road or another vehicle, the consequences of an accident are frequently catastrophic. Only one out of every five riders escapes a motorcycle accident with minor injuries. In most occurrences, the motorcycle operator is at least seriously injured. Additionally, the chance of having an accident in the first place is magnified just through the operation of a motorcycle.

Simple Steps to Follow

As with automobile accidents, there are plenty of simple ways to avoid an accident with a motorcycle. First and foremost, a motorcyclist must obey the traffic laws and not operate the vehicle while impaired by drugs or alcohol. Another simple thing for motorcycle drivers to do is to assume that they are invisible to other motorists and take extra precautions because of it. If you drive as if no one else can see you, you can prevent the most common motorcycle accidents from occurring. Anticipate situations and you can avoid disaster, injury and possibly death.

Operating a motorcycle is different than driving a car, but common sense still prevails in avoiding accidents. If you are a prepared driver and you know how to properly operate the machine, you can help reduce your chance of being involved in a collision. Accidents most frequently occur when drivers are not active participants and when they do not obey traffic laws. So when you ride your motorcycle, be safe and be prepared.

Source: Ten Things All Car & Truck Drivers Should Know About Motorcycles

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