Motorcycle accident in Long Beach kills young man

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As the summer months approach, the number of motorcycles that are out on the roads will likely increase. But there are few things more frightening for a rider than getting into a motorcycle accident. These can occur when other drivers on the road are not aware of the motorcyclist in the lane next to them.

The Long Beach Police Department believes that this could be what happened when a man was killed after being struck by a pickup truck while on his motorcycle. The crash occurred in the evening earlier this week. The motorcyclist was approaching an intersection when a pickup truck turned in front of him. It is unclear, but the driver of the pickup truck may not have seen the motorcyclist.

When the two vehicles collided, the motorcyclist was thrown from his bike. He was about 15 feet from the accident scene when responders arrived. Motorcycles are by nature much smaller than the other vehicles on the road; a collision can cause serious damage to both the motorcycle itself and its rider.

In this particular incident, responders tried to save the motorcyclist's life, even administering CPR. The rider was immediately brought to the hospital but died soon after. There is no information as to what sort of injuries he sustained as a result of the accident, however it is clear that they were serious.

Local authorities are still investigating the crash to determine whether charges should be brought against the driver of the pickup truck. But until the investigation concludes, the family of the motorcyclist will likely have a number of unanswered questions about the death of their loved one.

Even if the driver of the pickup truck is criminally charged, it does little to comfort the motorcyclist's family. However, his family can seek compensation for their loss by filing a civil lawsuit. Any settlement they may be awarded will not bring back their loved one but it can help them financially deal with some of the costs associated with an unexpected death.

Source: Contra Costa Times online, "Norwalk man, 27, killed in crash involving motorcycle and pickup," Tracy Manzer, 10 May 2011

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