Investigation ongoing into three-car accident in Pomona

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Law enforcement officials in Los Angeles are still investigating a fatal car accident that occurred earlier this week. The crash involved three vehicles and resulted in the closure of several lanes of the major highway. California residents may have hit some bad traffic around that time.

Police investigators are still not sure what happened. From what they do know, it appears that the driver of a Toyota, along with his female passenger, was traveling down the road. A semi truck and a pickup truck were also going in the same direction as the Toyota. The Toyota driver lost control of the car and slid into the semi truck.

This caused a chain reaction: the semi truck hit the pickup truck. Both drivers of the trucks were unharmed in the accident. However both the Toyota driver and his passenger were seriously injured and did not survive.

Currently no one knows why the Toyota's driver lost control of the car. No doubt many are speculating the cause. Had there been something in the road? Were road conditions dangerous? Were drugs and alcohol involved? Had the driver been distracted? Was there a vehicle defect?

Unfortunately it may take some time for police to sort through the wreckage and determine what initially caused the loss of control.

Whenever a motor vehicle accident occurs, a lot of people are impacted. Individuals who are injured are faced with pain and suffering, medical expenses, and even lost wages. Families of those who were killed in the crash are left to mourn their loss while dealing with unexpected bills, such as funeral costs. It can be a lot to deal with - sometimes speaking with someone who understands the implications of an accident can help victims and their families move forward.

Source: Diamond Bar Patch: "Updated: Man Who Died in Crash Reportedly Lost Control of Car," Melanie C. Johnson, Oct. 5, 2011

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