Hearing delayed in California car crash case

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A court hearing for a 49-year-old woman in California was postponed until Oct. 31. The woman was allegedly under the influence of drugs when she caused an accident on Aug. 12 around 6:30 p.m. on Fiesta Island. According to authorities, she drove into a crowd of roughly 20 cyclists and hit 10 of them while driving at an estimated speed of 30-35 miles per hour. She is facing charges of driving under the influence and being in possession of meth.

Witnesses say that the woman got out of her car after the crash and was acting erratically and yelling. Witnesses also say that the woman appeared to be under the influence. Police say that after she was taken to the hospital, a baggie of meth was found inside of her body.

One of the victims, a 43-year-old man, was paralyzed from the chest down and suffered several injuries. In addition to a collapsed lung and the loss of a kidney, his wife says that he suffered a shoulder injury that leaves him in constant pain. The man's wife also says that he needs help with even basic care needs and suffers from temperature swings due to his spinal cord injury.

When an individual is injured in a car accident, that individual has the right of pursue a personal injury case. If successful, it may be possible to win compensation for medical bills, long-term care costs and punitive damages. An attorney may be beneficial in helping an injured person win such compensation. This may be done either through a trial or by negotiating a settlement outside of court.

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