Fourteen-year-old bicyclist hit by car suffers brain injury

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While any car accident can be serious and result in those impacted sustaining painful injures, those car accidents in which bicyclists are involved are often among the most serious in nature. Most people can likely recall being a child and learning to ride a bicycle. 

A 14-year-old boy recently suffered numerous injuries after the bicycle on which he was riding collided with a car. According to a police report, the accident occurred at an intersection around 9 p.m. Police continue to investigate factors that may have contributed to the accident, but it's clear that the car struck the bicycle resulting in the boy being ejected from the bike.


Unfortunately, the 14-year-old boy was not wearing a helmet at the time the accident occurred. Upon impact, he was thrown from his bicycle and sustained serious trauma to his head and brain. First responders arriving at the accident scene attempted to stabilize the young boy and transported him to a nearby medical facility.

Currently, the driver of the car who struck the boy and his bike has not been charged with any criminal charges. The boy did not have a headlight on his bicycle and it's likely the driver simply failed to see the boy's bicycle.

This accident serves as a solemn reminder to drivers, parents and bicyclists. All bicyclists, regardless of age or skill level, would be wise to wear a helmet when biking. In cases where a bicyclist is struck by a car, a helmet is the most important and effective method for preventing a traumatic brain injury.

Individuals who suffer brain injuries often suffer permanent damage which can have long-term and devastating effects. Brain injury victims may be rendered unable to walk or talk. In other cases, a brain injury may effect an individual's personality or short-term memory.

Source: The Contra Costa Times, "Campbell: 14-year-odl bicyclist injured in collision with vehicle," Rowena Coetsee, May 11, 2013

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