Fireworks show accident leaves operator injured

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For many, fireworks are an integral aspect of celebrating Independence Day: nothing caps off a day of playing at the beach or backyard barbecuing like watching a spectacular fireworks show at night. However, fireworks can also be dangerous, and when not used properly, can cause injuries to people operating fireworks or even bystanders. This year, the state of California witnessed two devastating fireworks accidents, including one in Ojai, which left a worker seriously injured.

This past Independence Day, an incident at a professionally managed fireworks show in Ojai injured a pyrotechnics operator. The 32-year-old man suffered "extensive injuries," according to the Ventura County Fire Department, and remains in the hospital. No other injuries were reported. The malfunction occurred after the show began, when a pyrotechnic device went off prematurely. The Ventura County Fire Department and the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration are investigating the accident.

Accidents and injuries resulting from dealing with objects and tools that are dangerous in and of themselves, such as with fireworks, or electrical wiring, or power equipment accidents and injuries, can be devastating to workers and their families because recovery may require significant time away from work. When a tragic accident such as this one occurs on the job and a worker is injured, that worker may be able to turn to worker's compensation.

Worker's compensation acts as a type of insurance that most employers are required to have, and its goal is to ensure that injured workers can be compensated for the costs associated with the injury. While provisions and requirements vary by state, worker's comp generally covers injuries that occur within the scope of employment, and allows for compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, temporary or permanent disability and occupational rehabilitation.

Source:, "Fourth of July fireworks operator injured in Ojai," July 5, 2013

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