Fatal Motorcycle Accidents in California Often Not Fault of Motorcyclist

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A California motorcyclist recently lost his life in a motor vehicle accident in a Livermore neighborhood. Speed appears to be a factor but there is speculation that he may have been simply avoiding a small animal. Friends and family are grieving the loss of a good man, a victim of an unfortunate accident.

Studies have shown that there are plenty of reasons for motorcycle accidents. Often, someone else is at fault (such as another driver) and the injured motorcyclist (or that person's family in the case of a fatality) seeks compensation from the other party involved in the accident.

Three-fourths of the accidents that occur where a motorcycle is involved also include another vehicle, most often a passenger car. Two-thirds of those accidents are the fault of the driver of the car, not the motorcycle.

There are several reasons behind these statistics, but the most common reason for these kinds of crashes is that the car drivers simply do not see the motorcyclist in traffic. Other vehicles and glare are sometimes to blame but cyclists often complain that automobile drivers are not looking for motorcycles or bicycles, setting up very dangerous driving situations.

Drivers who run red lights and fail to observe other traffic control signs at intersections are the most likely to cause crashes with motorcyclists. A common type of accident occurs when a car makes a left-hand turn directly in front of a motorcyclist who is driving straight ahead.

Motorcyclists must do what they can to be as visible as possible to other motorists. Wearing highly visible, bright clothing, maintaining properly working headlights and taillights and driving defensively are a few things motorcycle drivers can do to maintain good visibility.

Source: Livermore Patch, "Fatal Motorcycle Crash Hits Hard," Susan Young, August 9, 2012.

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