Family of teacher killed in bus crash settles wrongful death claim

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This past fall, a young teacher was killed after a school bus crashed into her vehicle. According to the article, the bus driver had not been paying attention. Traffic had come to a halt and the bus driver slammed on the breaks when she finally noticed the cars in front of her. But her reaction was too late and the accident resulted.

The young teacher was seriously injured in the crash and was transported to a nearby hospital. Unfortunately, her injuries were so severe that she died 10 days after the crash. A month after the crash, the young teacher's family sued the bus driver and school district for wrongful death. Just recently, a settlement was reached.

The teacher's husband and daughter received a multi-million dollar settlement for the loss of their loved one. Other members of the teacher's family were also awarded monetary compensation.

But what about the bus driver? No charges were filed against her. According to prosecutors, there wasn't enough evidence to file charges. And though the bus driver was the one who caused the fatal accident, she can possibly return to her position as a bus driver in a few years.

This is of little comfort to the family and friends of the teacher. No amount of monetary compensation could ever replace or bring back their loved one. The teacher's young daughter who was also injured in the crash has lost her mother because of the fatal accident, something that can never be changed.

When someone's death is caused by the negligence of another, the family of the victim can seek compensation much like the teacher's family did. While it does not reverse anything, compensation can help with some of the unexpected financial challenges that can arise such as medical bills or funeral expenses.

Source:, "BCSD to pay family of teacher killed in bus crash $7.5 million," Jorge Barrientos, 06 July 2011

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