Driver crashes into hospital, injuring hospital employee

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Hospital employees can be exposed to many germs, pathogens and other diseases every day on the job, which creates a certain level of risk for contracting an illness. However, most hospital workers may not fear experiencing serious injuries on the job, particularly not from a car crashing through the hospital. However, recently, an employee of Valley Medical Center was injured after such an accident.

The accident occurred in the early morning hours, at approximately 4 a.m., when a minivan barreled through the front window into the main lobby of the medical center. A janitor was struck by debris from the crash. Due to the early morning time of the crash, the lobby was mostly empty, so there were no additional accident victims. Police arrested the driver, who was not injured in the accident, at the scene. Though the van went completely through the front window, the lobby did not experience structural damage.

When a driver acts negligently while behind the while, and that negligence causes an accident or injury to another, the driver could be held liable. Speeding and ignoring traffic signals can be negligent, as well as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Distracting driving or falling asleep while driving, which is more likely in the very early morning, such as when this accident occurred, can also cause accidents. Courts take such factors into account when determining negligence.

Reports did not indicate the cause of the accident, though authorities are investigating. A hospital spokesperson indicated that hospital officials would discuss placement of barriers outside the main lobby to prevent future crashes. Currently, there are barriers there, but their primary purpose is to separate pedestrian traffic on sidewalks from the road.

Source:, "Employee injured in driver crash at hospital," May 10, 2013

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