Could motorcycle accidents be reduced with more safety reminders?

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Just a generation ago, it wasn't all that common for car drivers and passengers to automatically reach for their seat belts when they stepped inside a vehicle. Statistics have shown time and time again that seat belts save lives and prevent many serious injuries, but wearing them just wasn't second nature for many people. That has changed, however, due to public messaging and laws in many states that result in fines for people who don't wear their seat belts or make sure that children are buckled up.

The California Highway Patrol is hopeful similar efforts will reduce the rate of motorcycle accidents in the state. One of its stations is teaming up with a private business to spread awareness of motorcycles on California's roads and press drivers to keep a watchful eye out for them. The idea is that if drivers can learn to instinctively look for motorcycles before changing lanes or turning at intersections, fewer motorcycle riders and passengers will be injured or lose their lives.

Swiss Dairy's headquarters are in Riverside, California, an area that has seen more than its share of motorcycle accidents. Riders flock to the area to enjoy the open highways and incredible views, but with so much car and commercial traffic, the number of motorcycle accidents is high. The company joined ranks with CHP recently, signing onto its "Look Twice, Save A Life" campaign by offering to display the campaign slogan on its fleet of 220 trucks.

A manager with Swiss Dairy who drove trucks for a decade explains that he approached the CHP with the idea, noting that there have been misunderstandings in the trucking industry about safety regulations in the past and that driver education could go a long way toward preventing more motorcycle accidents. The CHP has already worked with the company on truck driver training, continuing education and safety compliance.

It would be wonderful if the majority of drivers instinctively looked twice before making a move that could put a motorcyclist in harm's way. Claims that a driver didn't see a motorcycle could be drastically reduced, along with unnecessary injuries and deaths.

Source: Temecula Patch, "Unlikely Partners Team To Decrease Motorcycle Crashes," Toni McAllister, Aug. 29, 2012

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