CHP motorcycle accident on I-80 results in serious injuries

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Whenever a motorcycle is involved in an accident with another motor vehicle on a California roadway, the consequences can be catastrophic for the motorcycle rider. This is because motorcycle drivers are unprotected and remain vulnerable from a serious impact from another motor vehicle.

This was the case in a recent collision between a motor vehicle and a motorcycle driven by a California Highway Patrol officer.

The accident happened during rush hour on a I-80 in Sacramento County. At that hour, the traffic was stop-and-go. When traffic starts up and then halts to a stop on the freeway, rear-end collisions are not uncommon.

Two women drivers were involved in a rear-end collision. However, the force of the impact pushed the rear-ended vehicle into the adjacent lane right in front of the 10-year CHP veteran. That lane was traveling at a rate of speed of 45-50 mph.

The impact from the collision of the motorcycle and the car on the driver's side caused the officer to be ejected from his motorcycle. Eyewitnesses report to having watched the patrol officer fly through the air over a lane of traffic until he landed and struck a guardrail.

The CHP officer suffered major injuries as a result of the accident. At this point he is expected to recover as, according to CT and MRI scans, his injuries do not appear to be life threatening. However, his brain was injured and he is suffering from a concussion, along with multiple fractures, all of which will take time to heal.

Source: CBS Sacramento, "UPDATE: CHP Motorcycle Officer Badly Injured In I-80 Crash," Sept. 25, 2012

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