Central California truck accident leads to fatal collision

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Many drivers begrudge the large semitrailers and box trucks they see on California's roadways. They don't like sharing the road with these vehicles because they tend to be slower and louder than cars and can restrict visibility. They also stand the chance of doing much more damage in the event of an accident, both because of their sheer force and their inability to slow down as quickly.

A truck accident is being blamed for a subsequent head-on collision in Madera County this week that killed three people. According to California Highway Patrol troopers, a semitrailer was traveling on Highway 152 and was attempting to make a left-hand turn onto Road 16. Visibility was low at the time due to heavy fog. As the driver began making the turn, another tractor-trailer clipped the back of the turning truck, causing it to overturn. That sent the truck's load of hay bales spilling all over the road.

Just then, yet another large truck approached and tried to serve around the hay bales to avoid an accident. But because these vehicles are so big that they're difficult to maneuver, the third truck crossed into the opposing lanes of traffic and struck a car head-on. The three people in the car, all of them San Jose residents, were killed in the collision. It's not clear whether the first two truck drivers were hurt, but the driver of the third truck suffered moderate injuries.

When a truck collides with a car, the chances of survival for car occupants generally aren't good. Now the families of the victims in this case must not only lay their loved ones to rest and adjust to life without them, but if they expect to recoup any funeral, burial or related costs, they must file a wrongful death lawsuit placing the blame on one or more of the truck drivers. This is often made easier with the help of a personal injury attorney who fights such battles every day. Large trucks might continue to contribute to traffic accidents, but an experienced lawyer can ensure the proper recourse.

Source: CBS47, "Triple fatal accident near Chowchilla," Diane Tuazon, Nov. 27, 2012

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