Cell Phone Carriers Joining the Fight Against Distracted Driving

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The number of car accidents caused by distracted drivers seems to be growing every year. We live in a society that favors immediate gratification and this seems to include communicating with our friends and loved ones at all times, even while driving. Public awareness efforts have been in full force to educate people about the dangers of inattentive driving. Additionally, many state legislatures have banned using cell phones or texting while operating a motor vehicle. Now cell phone carriers are joining the fight to curb distracted driving practices.

Cellular companies, such as T-Mobile, Sprint Nextel and AT&T, are developing and exploring technological innovations to stop drivers from using their products while their cars are in motion. The specific technologies may vary, however all are intended to dissuade drivers from using their cell phones in the car by interrupting service in a moving vehicle. For instance, T-Mobile has announced a new paid service that stops call or text notifications when the cell phone is in a moving vehicle. Other companies are working on technologies to intercept a call or text to a cell phone in a moving vehicle.

Will New Technologies Reduce Distracted Driving?

The new technologies may help reduce the number of distracted drivers if the technologies are employed by cell phone users. Are people willing to purchase products to disable their phones while driving? This remains to be seen. Since the services are voluntary and can be overridden, some safety experts are concerned that they will be less effective then hoped. However, as of yet, the known dangers of distracting driving has not been able to overcome of lure of instant communication. It is the opinion of safety advocates that the new technologies and the involvement from cellular companies is a step in the right direction. Having more options available may help users curb cell phone use in vehicles and help put us on the path to winning this fight against dangerous distracted drivers.

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