Car crashes in attempt to avoid thousands of chickens in the road

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It was the early hours of the morning when the accident occurred. Anyone who happened to be on the road near Vacaville in Northern California may have witnessed a strange sight. While many people expect to see eggs and toast in front of them in the morning, drivers who came upon the accident were instead greeted by chickens running amok in the road while authorities chased after them.

The accident involved two big rigs and an SUV who swerved into a ditch to avoid the chaos. Apparently a big rig was traveling on the highway with a load of chickens. 5,000 live chickens to be exact. The truck carrying the chickens began swerving on the road after the driver allegedly fell asleep behind the wheel.

Despite a few warning calls over the radio from another truck driver, the chicken-bearing truck hit another truck on the side of the road, causing a trailer full of chickens to jack-knife. As a result, the trailer broke open and thousands of chickens poured out onto the road.

The truck had been transporting the birds to a processing plant. Whether the chickens were trying to escape, no one will ever know. Local authorities arrived to help corral the chickens back into the trailer. It took them several hours to round up the escaped birds.

When an accident like this occurs, other drivers who are on the road may be put in danger. In fact, one couple who came upon the chicken spill got into an accident in an attempt to avoid the accident scene. The two sustained unknown injuries and were transported to a nearby medical center. However at this point it appears that this was the only secondary accident that occurred because of the truck crash.

Source: Los Angeles Times: "Big-rig crash spills 5,000 chickens onto freeway near Vacaville," Oct. 20, 2011

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