California woman in motorcycle accident recovers from head trauma

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California boasts a beautiful coast with scenery that people come to see from all over the nation. The beautiful weather gives many, such as motorcycle enthusiasts, reasons to spend time outside. For motorcyclists, the road can provide a time of relaxation as well as serve as a means to travel from place to place.

But being on the road with other, larger vehicles can sometimes result in motorcycle accidents. In some instances, the other vehicles are not paying attention and are not aware of motorcycles in the lane next to them. But if a crash occurs, those on a motorcycle can suffer serious injuries. One California woman suffered severe head trauma after the motorcycle she was riding on was struck by a passing vehicle.

The accident occurred this past weekend when the woman, along with a man, was traveling down the road on a motorcycle. Two people were traveling in a car that hit the motorcycle. Details of the crash were not provided in the article, but the woman on the motorcycle sustained serious injuries and was airlifted to a nearby medical center. The man who was driving the motorcycle suffered a minor injury; the two people in the car were not hurt.

California Highway Patrol is still investigating the accident. In some situations, an accident is the result of a distracted driver or someone who is under the influence of alcohol. Law enforcement has already ruled on the latter, stating that they did not believe alcohol was a factor. But until their investigation is complete, any guesses as to why the collision occurred will remain speculation.

If it appears that the crash was the result of a negligent driver, the woman may be able to file a civil claim and seek compensation for her injuries. Serious head trauma can lead to long-term problems, both physically and financially. Compensation can help cover some of the costs that can arise with medical treatment and therapy.

Source: Mercury News: "Motorcycle rider hit on Skyline Boulevard," Tracy Seipel, Sept. 4, 2011

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