California Truck Accident Blamed on Stop Sign Infraction

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The California Highway Patrol's (CHP) recently released accident report for a big rig accident that injured the driver and passenger of a pickup truck lists an all-too-familiar cause: a driver failing to come to a complete stop at stop sign. The semi crash occurred in the early morning hours at a rural intersection, and - as is often the case with crashes between trucks and smaller vehicles - the truck driver did not suffer injuries.

One major study of US motor vehicle accidents from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety based on an analysis of police reports revealed that almost 700,000 annual crashes occur at stop signs. One of three stop-sign-related auto accidents result in at least one personal injury or wrongful death.

The authors of the study focused on 1788 separate crash reports at stop sign-controlled intersections in four US cities. Close to 70 percent of all accidents at stop signs involved traffic violations, including a driver's failure to stop, which typically resulted in an angular collision.

Of the 30 percent of accidents not involving stop violations, rear-end crashes were the most common circumstance. Another common cause of accidents at intersections is driver failure to yield right-of-way due to inability to notice approaching traffic. Driver age was found to be an important factor, with teen and elderly motorists found to be disproportionately at fault after investigations of crashes at stop signs.

The dangers of failing to stop at a stop sign, not yielding to oncoming vehicles or running a stop sign due to distracted driving are well established. A California car and truck accident attorney can help an injury victim or surviving family member review the circumstances of the crash, assess liability and estimate the full extent of damages.

Source: Hanford Sentential, CHP reveals new details on big rig accident that injured 2, Joe Johnson, 10/29/11

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