California tour bus accident kills 7 travelers

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Family vacations have the potential to be relaxing or full of adventure, which are both things to look forward to. However, no one expects his or her family vacation to turn fatal. Recently, that became a reality for those who became involved in a California tour bus accident.

A family of three, which was on a ski vacation, is among the seven people killed after their tour bus was involved in an accident while traveling through Southern California. An eighth person, a driver of pickup truck that was hit by the bus, also died. There were twelve others on the bus who sustained injuries.

Authorities are investigating the cause of the crash, including the possibility of driver error or faulty brakes. Right before the crash, the driver is reported to have shouted to passengers that the brakes failed, and asked them to call for help. Interestingly enough, this model of bus has a history of brake issues.

Many car accidents are impacted by the theory of negligence. Drivers must exercise reasonable care under the circumstances. Actions such as speeding, improperly changing lanes or otherwise disobeying traffic signals or traffic laws, can constitute negligence.

Driver fatigue is another common cause of accidents, and drowsiness has many of the same implications for driving as drunk driving does: slowed reaction time and reduced ability to pay attention to traffic and other vehicles on the road.

At the same time, some accidents may have been caused by factors that are not within the driver's control. Rather, a defect in the vehicle or a vehicle part could be the cause. In that situation, the manufacturer or supplier of the vehicle or the part could be held responsible in accord with product liability law. Since investigators believe that the recent bus crash could be result of faulty brakes, it may be important to gather the evidence necessary to determine if this crash was precipitated by a dangerous product.

Source: Mercury News, "Southern California tour bus collision death toll rises to 8," Julie Watson and Michael R. Blood, Feb. 6, 2013

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