California police officer killed in motorcycle crash

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A funeral procession for a local police officer was the scene of another fatal accident. A motorcycle officer who was traveling with the procession was killed when his motorcycle collided with another officer's motorcycle. The motorcycle accident occurred last week.

Though a man who witnessed the crash believed that the motorcycles were traveling too fast, the local police sergeant told reporters that motorcycle officers undergo extensive training for this type of job. In fact, before the event the officers meet to ensure utmost safety when riding with the procession.

The crash occurred when the two motorcycle officers crashed. The impact forced one officer into traffic and straight into a car driving toward him, killing him. The other officer suffered a broken bone; the driver of the car was not hurt. California Highway Patrol is still investigating the crash to determine exactly how it happened.

Motorcycle officers typically speed up when going around the procession in order to get to the next intersection. They do this in order to block traffic so that the procession can travel through intersections together. But this can lead to a number of injuries as the motorcycle officers are racing up ahead. If one officer is confused about the plan, a collision could happen.

Even the sergeant is unsure how this particular fatal accident occurred. The officer who was killed had been a motorcycle officer for four years and was likely very aware of the procedure for his job as well as the risks of straying from the agreed upon plan. His wife and two sons are likely wondering what happened as well. But until the investigation is complete, their questions will remain unanswered.

Source: The Washington Post online, "During Southern California police funeral, 1 motorcycle officer killed, 1 injured in crash," Associated Press, 27 May 2011

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