California motorcyclist killed after being struck by Jeep

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An accident can happen when you least expect it. It can happen in a matter of seconds, leaving those involved seriously injured or even killed.

A motorcyclist on the road can sustain serious injuries if the victim of a motorcycle accident. Riders and their passengers can be thrown from the bike upon impact, sometimes landing dozens of feet away. In some of these cases, drivers of vehicles aren't paying attention and do not see the motorcycle before it's too late. This may have been the case when a Jeep slammed into a motorcycle.

According to California Highway Patrol, a woman had been driving in her Jeep. She looked down at her dashboard for a brief moment. But in that moment, her vehicle began to drift across the middle line into oncoming traffic. When she realized what was happening, she tried to swerve but overcorrected, and then swerved back.

It was then when she crashed into the motorcycle. A man and a passenger had been on the motorcycle. The motorcycle was struck hard; the man was killed in the accident and his female passenger was seriously injured.

A negligent or distracted driver can cause a number of damages. This motorcycle accident is a good example of the types of devastation that can result from a collision. The family of the deceased man is left to deal with the loss of a loved one, always questioning whether the death could have been prevented.

The female passenger is left to deal with the injuries she sustained. The more severe the injuries, the more challenging the recovery process can be. In both situations, the victim and the family members can seek compensation against the negligent driver.

Source: Calaveras Enterprise: "Man dies, woman seriously injured, in motorcycle accident," Joel Metzger, Nov. 2, 2011

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