Boy injured at California amusement park awarded settlement

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Across the state of California, there are a number of different amusement parks that boast different themes to attract families from all over the country. Young and old alike can find something they enjoy at the parks, whether it is a thrilling rollercoaster or a relaxing water ride.

But an enjoyable trip can be cut short if an amusement park accident occurs. Instead of finishing the day with a family dinner, parents may find themselves rushing to the hospital because their child sustained a serious injury. Nearly two years ago, a family was visiting Knott's Berry Farm when a cable snapped on a rollercoaster, injuring the son. Earlier this week, the amusement park reached a settlement with the victim for the 2009 incident.

Amusement park accidents can occur for several reasons. One of the reasons why something can break or go wrong on a roller coaster is if there was poor maintenance. After the incident, the California division of Occupational Safety and Health investigated the accident to determine what could have caused the cable to snap while the ride was in operation. Their final report was that the manufacturer did not properly maintain the ride, contributing to the accident.

But knowing who was to blame for the accident did little to reverse the boy's injuries. The cable had sliced the boy's leg, causing serious damage to his muscles. The injury required several surgeries to repair the damage as well as a lot of physical therapy; doctors believe an additional surgery to remove the scar tissue will eventually be necessary.

The boy's family found themselves with a growing number of medical bills after the accident. For any family, an unexpected injury can lead to financial challenges. Filing a lawsuit is not only a way to hold the negligent party responsible but can also compensate the victim and his or her family for the expenses and suffering incurred.

There is no information as to how much money the boy and his family will receive. But it is likely that the amount will help the family deal with the thousands of dollars in past and future medical expenses.

Source: Los Angeles Times: "Knott's Berry Farm settles with victim of roller coaster accident," Brady MacDonald, Aug. 27, 2011.

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