Big rig vehicle and SUV in accident in California, four injured

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Imagine being with three friends, driving down the road early in the morning. Even though the sun is still coming up, the four of you are enjoying the ride. As you come to an intersection, you glance around while still a ways a way to determine whether there is a stop sign. Not seeing one, you continue to drive.

As you reach the intersection, a semi truck flies out on the road in front of you, failing to stop at the stop sign. You have no time to react, only a few moments to realize what is about to happen. Before you know it, you are the victim of a serious car accident.

In these types of situations, the injuries that result can be severe. A semi truck is a large vehicle, and even traveling at slow speeds can cause a lot of damage.

An accident very similar to the hypothetical situation mentioned above occurred this morning. California Highway Patrol responded to a crash scene after a big rig truck ran through a stop sign. Another vehicle carrying four people had been coming down the road and crashed into the big rig in the intersection. According to CHP, the big rig truck failed to stop at a stop sign; it had been traveling at nearly 60 miles per hour.

The four people in the other vehicle all sustained a number of injuries ranging from moderate to major. They were likely transported to a nearby medical center for treatment after the crash. There is no information as to their current conditions.

At this point, CHP has ruled out the involvement of any drugs or alcohol. In some cases, accidents are caused by a mechanical defect but that doesn't seem to be the case here. What was the cause of the crash? Had the big rig driver been distracted at that moment? If so, was he distracted by his phone or because he was sending a text? Or was the driver extremely tired and couldn't focus? Hopefully these questions will be answered once CHP completes the investigation.

Source: KSBY: "CHP: Big rig fails to stop at stop sign, causes major injury crash near Nipomo," Courtney Meznarich, Aug. 26, 2011.

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